I have always had a love for psychology. Growing up I was very close with my Poppy who was a psychologist. I saw the care he had for his patients and the passion he had for working with them. He was on call several times a week and even retired and came back three times because he loved it so much. We used to have long talks about his drive to help others and his inspiration to talk people through their difficult times. He inspired that same drive in me.
I personally have dealt with anxiety for a long time myself. I understand how small reminders can help during stressful times when you can barely keep it together. I decided to combine my love of psychology with my love for candles and create this company. The goal is to provide customers with something they can light when having a bad day or a hard time. While the candle burns and the scent fills the room, it will also melt down to reveal a positive affirmation. This message is to serve as a reminder that good times are ahead, and that no one is alone when facing life’s obstacles. 

Instead of having a melt down, just light a Meltdowns Candle